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Anniversary Update

God really poured out His blessings on the 25th anniversary of Gypsy Outreach Ministries’ celebration in Cleveland Ohio. God allowed us to start this ministry under Dr. Roy Thompson the day after thanksgiving in 1990. The meeting was well attended by the local Roma community. The Sunday after Thanksgiving was Cleveland Baptist Churches’ part of the G.O. celebration. An anniversary video was viewed with some very old photos of folks 25 younger. We even had an audio excerpt of Doc Thompson talking about reaching the Gypsies with the Gospel.. This video can be viewed at www.gypsies77.com. Bro Lawrence Evans and Nick Evanovich presented a wall ...

Gypsy Outreach Anniversary

For the last 25 years Cleveland Baptist Church in Cleveland, OH has hosted the Gypsy Outreach Ministry.  This ministry was started by Missionary Walter Stevens and has seen two other men lead the ministry. A Little About The History On the Friday following Thanksgiving in 1990 Gypsy Outreach Ministry held it's first service under the leadership of Missionary Walter Stevens.  This beginning had the full support and encouragement of both Pastor Dr. Roy Thompson and incoming Pastor, Dr. Kevin Folger.  This ministry has continued to be blessed by God, with souls saved, lives changed and men called into the ministry.  Gypsy Outreach was a "first of ...

Roma Leadership

We have sought out good, qualified individuals to serve as the leadership of Roma Outreach Missions Association.  Both Walter Stevens and Tim Clark have carried a real burden to reach the Roma peoples of the world, and have labored together to found ROMA.  Our Executive Board is composed of men who have labored in the pastorate with an eye and heart for missions work.  Our financial team consist of talented, capable individuals who have a desire to serve. R.O.M.A. Leadership Missionary Walter Stevens, President Dr. Tim Clark, Vice President Executive Board Members Dr. Kevin Folger, Pastor of Cleveland Baptist Church, Cleveland, OH Dr. ...

Same call…Different location…Different board.

I have already informed you that God has led us to establish a Gypsy ministry among the Gypsies of the Sarasota and Bradenton area. But I am thrilled to announce that after much prayer,