Anniversary Update

God really poured out His blessings on the 25th anniversary of Gypsy Outreach Ministries’ celebration in Cleveland Ohio. God allowed us to start this ministry under Dr. Roy Thompson the day after thanksgiving in 1990. The meeting was well attended by the local Roma community.

The Sunday after Thanksgiving was Cleveland Baptist Churches’ part of the G.O. celebration. An anniversary video was viewed with some very old photos of folks 25 younger. We even had an audio excerpt of Doc Thompson talking about reaching the Gypsies with the Gospel.. This video can be viewed at Bro Lawrence Evans and Nick Evanovich presented a wall hanging and plaque commemorating the special occasion and CBC’s involvement with G.O. ministry for 25 years.Our special speaker was our dear friend, Dr. Roger Green, pastor emeritus of Grace Baptist church, Middleton, OH. Dr. Green has been a long time friend and supporter of this preacher and Gypsy ministries. He also sits on the executive board of R.O.M.A.

Though R.O.M.A. has been fully operational for over a year, we officially unveiled it on Monday and Tuesday of our special meetings. Several supporting churches were represented by their pastors or missions directors. A special video was presented showing the plans of R.O.M.A to reach Gypsies and other marginalized people groups of the world. You can view this video at

Our special guests from Romania were two of R.O.M.A.’s faithful missionaries, Pastors Ghitsa Fekete and Bro. Mirci Pripcop. Pastor Fekete almost didn’t make it, as he was turned down for a US visa twice. We prayed and fasted and on his 3rd attempt God was gracious and granted him a ten year visa. Gory to God! A special video was made of Ghitsa’s salvation testimony. This video impacted so many, that at 2 churches it was requested to show it twice. You can view it and Bro, Pricop’s video as well for yourself at They both made a great impact on both our supporting churches and Gypsy ministries. I can’t begin to tell you in words how God used these 2 men in the short time they were with us. All the Glory goes to God!

Not only were souls saved, but God called my nephew Sony Miller into the ministry. He was a big, big help to this preacher in preparation for these meetings. Please pray for him, his wife Teresa and 2 children Carmen and Christopher. He will be taking courses at the Heritage Bible Institute at CBC this coming year.