Roma Leadership

We have sought out good, qualified individuals to serve as the leadership of Roma Outreach Missions Association.  Both Walter Stevens and Tim Clark have carried a real burden to reach the Roma peoples of the world, and have labored together to found ROMA.  Our Executive Board is composed of men who have labored in the pastorate with an eye and heart for missions work.  Our financial team consist of talented, capable individuals who have a desire to serve.

R.O.M.A. Leadership

Missionary Walter Stevens, President
Dr. Tim Clark, Vice President

Executive Board Members
Dr. Kevin Folger, Pastor of Cleveland Baptist Church, Cleveland, OH
Dr. Roger Green, Evangelist and Pastor Emeritus, Grace Baptist Church, Middletown, OH
Dr. Sal Yannizzi, Pastor, Bible Baptist Church, Bradenton, FL
Pastor Max Fernandez, Pastor Grace Baptist Church, Middletown, OH
Pastor Anthony Rister, Pastor Crossroads Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL
Dr. Bob Barker, Pastor Victory Baptist Church, Fairmont, WV

Bob Vallier, CPA, Comptroller
George Wiese, Treasurer
Eileen Clark, Financial Secretary